On Record CD (1972)


On Record was the album that established April Wine as a major international artist on the strength of singles such as You Could Have Been A Lady, a cover of a moderate hit for the group Hot Chocolate. It became a Number One hit in Canada and cracked Billboard’s Top 30. The curious “noise” between tracks was added by the producer after the fact. According to Henman the band was shocked when they first heard it. The riff for Drop Your Guns was inspired by Shine On by Humble Pie. This record also featured the replacement of bassist Jim Henman by Montrealer Jim Clench. Harrison Tabb, whom the album was dedicated to, was a black R & B singer from Montreal who died in a tragic car accident and was a close friend of David Henman.


Farkus (Instrumental) / You Could Have Been A Lady / Believe In Me / Work All Day / Drop Your Guns / Bad Side Of The Moon / Refuge / Flow River Flow / Carry On / Didn’t You