Live At The El Mocambo CD (1977)


The year was 1977 when The Rolling Stones decided to record Love You Live at the El Mocambo Club in Toronto. April Wine was the smoke screen being selected to pose as the headliner for a charity event with a group called The Cockroaches as the opening act. Of courseTthe Cockroaches, to everyone’s delight, turned out to be The Rolling Stones. April Wine’s Live At The El Mocambo album was a compilation of April Wine’s most popular concert songs with two additional covers and the studio track She’s No Angel, which went onto become a Canadian hit. The subsequent tour led to yet another change for the band.


Teenage Love / Tonite Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love / Juvenile Delinquent / Don’t Push Me Around / Oowatanite / Drop Your Guns / Slow Poke / She’s No Angel / You Won’t Dance With Me / You Could Have Been A Lady